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Sections and topics

Section of European Law (EN) Abuse of law in international, European and national law
Section of Financial Law (SK/CZ) Trends in Theory and Practice of Financial Law – New Challenges
Section of Private International Law (SK/CZ) European Union and Private International Law 
Section of Public International Law (SK/CZ) Crisis in Ukraine from International Law Perspective
Section of Civil Law (SK/CZ) Protection of Weaker Parties in Civil Law in the 21st Century
Section of Commercial Law (SK/CZ) Application of New Procedural Codes in Commercial Law
Section of Labour Law (SK/CZ) Migration of Labour Force in Europe
Section of Intellectual Property Law (SK/CZ) Implementation of Legal Relations in Cyberspace
Section of Legal History (SK/CZ) Crossroads and Turning Points in the Law of Obligations
Section of Roman Law (SK/CZ) Law and Politics in Ancient Rome
Section of Administrative Law (SK/CZ) 50 Years of the Code of Administrative Procedure
Section of Theory of Law (SK/CZ) Law and Ideology
Section of Criminal Law (SK/CZ) Ne Bis in Idem Principle – Substantive and Procedural Aspects
Section of Constitutional Law (SK/CZ) Fundamental Rights and Freedoms under Constitution of SR and Their Relation to International and EU Law
Section of Environmental Law (SK/CZ) Protection of Environment and Its Individual Compartments


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